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At eShares, we use ADP for payroll. We used to use Namely and before that we used Zenpayroll (now known as Gusto). My old company used Paychex.

For years now, I’ve run a cron job that logs into my current payroll website and downloads my paystubs for me. I no longer have access to my former payroll provider websites so the older scripts may or may not work but I’ll provide them here anyway. The first script should work since it’s my current payroll system:

The scripts will require some modification for each individual situation. You’ll also need to provide authentication credentials in your ~/.netrc file. After configuring the script, pass the script a directory to save your paystubs to and it will download the paystubs it can scrape from the page. The script uses my send_gmail script to email the downloaded scripts to an address you’ve configured. I run this script twice a month in a cronjob to download and archive my paystubs.

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