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So @Sega has been giving stuff away on twitter every Friday in a promotion they call #FreeStuffFriday.

All you need to do to win is direct message them with the key phrase at the right time. I wrote a script to help me win and it’s actually worked a handful of times. The hardest part is trying to estimate the amount of time to wait to be the right respondent. Anyway, twitter just flipped the OAuth switch so I updated my script to work with that. I’m attaching it for whomever would like to use it. You need simplejson and oauth installed (easy_install works for both of those) and the python-twitter and oauthtwitter modules which I’m also attaching to this post.

To use this script, first you’ll need to follow @Sega on twitter. Next, you need to register a twitter app by going here: http://dev.twitter.com/apps/new.

After that, fill in the consumer_key and consumer_secret variables in the script.

Run the script! Good luck!

Find the code here: FreeStuffFriday.py

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